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Malta – The Smallest Archipelago Nation

For a lot of reasons the smallest archipelago nation in the world wants to gradually squeeze out the budget hotel industry in Malta. Encouraging regulations favoring the upscale hotels Malta planners are edging out the little guys. And at the same time budget-minded tourists are experiencing “sticker shock.” Prime locations, particularly near the better beaches, are being ever more developed for five-star hotel and Malta is even considering a sixth star category. Hotels with fewer stars have to modernize to service and by so doing raise their star evaluation.

Some like a million tourists are helping to prop up the economy in Malta. The demand for well-located modern hotels is on the increase. But between climate change and the  fact that Malta is a semi-arid sandstone rock of an island with little rainfall Malta needs larger, eco-minded hotel changes to help reduce water wastage and recovery of grey water run-off.

The smaller hotels in Malta are in no way able to compete in this ever more critical criteria. Water usage and conservation are hot issues for Malta, the hotel industry, and the planning departments of the government in Malta.


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What does this mean for people like this author?

Maybe I can’t really afford a holiday in Malta after all. Retired, family of four looking for a reasonable, affordable “fun-in-the-sun” holiday will drop thousands to fulfill this dream at Golden Sands. Democracy will have died a sad dead on Malta as far as the budget-minded tourists are concerned. The laughing, well-to-do, tourist will pull out their plastic and not think twice about who is outside with their noses pressed up against the glass. Those of us not blessed by prosperity will have to just go elsewhere and, perhaps be disappointed.

Yes, Malta simply has a limited amount of space, water and energy resources. So, it makes good sense for the powers-that-be to opt for upgrade and regulate. I have and will continue to change Malta. This reminds me a lot of Las Vegas, Nevada. The Tourists live in “La, La Land” and the service personnel, mostly imported expatriates of some ilk or another, hustle in order to survive and are unable to take part in the “good-life” found in the hotel casinos. The difference in Malta is that the Maltese will win in any case and the expatriates, so vital to the country, will scramble for a living wage and the opulence they see all around them. OK, they choose to be in Malta, but still…


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It is true that the citizens Malta are faced with a dilemma: Either the available water is conserved through regulation, zoning and conservation or the water will be exhausted by ever more budget-minded tourists in relatively small, cheaper establishments that have neither the consciousness nor the capital to upgrade and conserve. Better the Maltese authorities have greater control over an ever greater number of high-star hotels to save the water for all inhabitants of the archipelago. Reverse osmosis, desalinization, conservation—I sure hope so.

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