Malta may be tiny island country but it is full of splendid sights. One can start with the history, visiting building dating from thousands of years ago, different kinds of museums, admiring nature and ending up on the water or in it, and everything is so beautiful to the human eye. The tourism industry in Malta makes up a big part in its economy, and there are many things offered to be done. You can find a lot of sources on the internet, organize your own tour and be your own guide, or you can find a lot of companies that offer organised tours and excursions.

City tours

bus city tours in Malta

If you want to experience the ambiance of the Maltese surroundings and its old and rich architecture go for an organized city tour. These kinds of tours are very useful because people can see the highlights of a certain place and they get to know more interesting and unusual things that once took place. Some very popular tours among the tourists are those to Valletta, the capital which is going to be the European centre of culture in 2018, and followed by the tours to the Silent City, Mdina, the old capital.

Hop-on Hop-off Bus tours

This kind of tour can be a lot of fun, especially for a group of young people, who often enjoy the open-roof buses with a party around the island. These buses are going all day long around the most popular places on the island, picking up and dropping off passengers. There is a route which they follow with a time table for when the buses stop in at certain destinations, that way the people are able to plan which places they want to take in, and how much time they have to explore it until the next bus arrives.

Malta Boat tours

tours on Malta

Malta’s coastline has lots of bays, sandy and also rocky beaches, cliffs and caves and natural harbors. One way that people see this kind of natural beauty there are through the many boat tours for a day on the Mediterranean waters. Go directly to Azure Window and Blue Lagoon, see the Blue Grotto, take the Harbour boat tours or simply have a night party on the boat floating around the island.

Tours in the countryside

If you are a nature lover and adventurous soul trekking and the tours for developing rural Malta, are the right thing to be done. You can join a tour and follow a guide, meet new people and exercise your mind and body with the breath-taking panoramic views of this place. If you visit a tourist information center you will find a lot of brochures with different routes on different parts of the island. They are very useful because it is written where can you go and what will you see, and there is also a map to follow.

As I mentioned before, there are many companies offering this kind of tours. You can find a lot of representatives of this companies standing on the streets and you can find a lot of information from the closest tourist information center or simply keep following WholeMalta.