Being part of the Mediterranean treasure, the holidays in Malta have to offer good sunny days spent on Malta’s beaches. Being a small country consisted of three islands, finding a beach won’t be a problem. But which are the beaches considered as the best ones, offering nice view, clear waters, soft sand and place for your snorkels?

1. Mellieha Bay

melieha bay on

As its name says it is a bay, located after this wonderful city in the North, called Mellieha. This sandy beach, also known as Ghadira Bay, is one of the longest and most beautiful beach in Malta. There are actually three smaller beaches connected to each other. The water here has the turquoise look and it is very clear, which presents a spectacular view. Here you will be able to hire sunbeds and umbrella, enjoy the water sports offered along the beach and explore the underwater world. Along the entire sandy beach there are drinks and snacks to buy. Pretty much everything you need for a day of your holidays in Malta spent on a beach.


2. Golden Bay

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Spending your holidays on Malta, keep in mind that Golden Bay is a must. This is one of the most popular sandy beaches located on the North-West of Malta. Surrounded with a rich countryside, cliffs and Mediterranean water it has things to be done there.

Over there you may find a lot of people in the high season, some of them enjoying on the orange-gold sand, some of them exploring the countryside and the high cliffs, some of them snorkeling and spending adventurous moments, and some of them enjoying the family BBQ lunch.

Very close to Golden Bay there are other smaller beaches, there is Radisson Golden Sands Hotel, and a few restaurants.

3. Paradise Bay

paradise bay on wholemalta

Once more, one of the best beaches for your holidays in Malta located on the North of the island. Comparing to the previous two beaches, here we talk about a small sandy beach with a beautiful view and wonderful landscape. This Paradise is very close to Cirkewwa, a place where you can catch a ferry to Gozo and Comino. The water here is very clear which offers excellent snorkeling experience, the countryside is ideal for hiking and you may attend on one of the beach parties made over here.



4. Pretty Bay

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Pretty Bay seems to be very Pretty. It comes at the opposite side of the island making it one of the best beaches on the South of Malta. It is in the town center of Birzebbuga. This bay wasn’t always sand, but it is now considered as one of the best sandy beaches with clear water, which makes it perfect for swimming. This beach is good for a relaxing day with a family, especially if you are for a peaceful time far from the tourists. The only thing that you may not like is the view towards the Malta Freeport and a lot of ships.

5. Ramla Bay

ramla bay on wholemalta

Ramla Bay is definitely one of the best beaches not only on the island of Gozo, but in the whole country. It comes at the bottom of a rich valley on the northern side of the island. This is a red sand beach that makes it so unique. But much more unique is the cave of Calypso in which she kept the Odyssey of Homer. The whole surrounding is simply amazing, that brings an extra enjoyment for your holidays in Malta.

So, here are the 5 best beaches in Malta. Of course there are much more, and we are willing to present them to you, and prepare you for your best holidays in Malta. If you like this post, and you are willing to find out more about Malta, please stay with WholeMalta.