Gardens in Valletta for Holidays

When you are on a holiday in Malta, I do recommend spending a whole day for exploring the capital city, the beautiful Valletta. Beside it’s crowded streets, baroque buildings, cafeterias, restaurants and museums, you can spend a very good relaxing time in some of its small gardens. There are three public gardens that present the […]

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Holiday in Valletta the capital city of Malta

One of the most popular places in Malta is definitely its capital Valletta. No matter if you are on a yearly holiday in Malta, for a business trip or on a cruise, this is one of those places which is a must. Here we talk about one of the smallest capital cities and yet one […]


Choose Your Tour for Exploring Malta

Malta may be tiny island country but it is full of splendid sights. One can start with the history, visiting building dating from thousands of years ago, different kinds of museums, admiring nature and ending up on the water or in it, and everything is so beautiful to the human eye. The tourism industry in […]

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Cheap Flights for Your Holidays to Malta

Malta is a country made up of three islands Malta, Gozo and the inhabited island of Comino. It is situated in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, which gives this country one of the best locations. In between two continents it lays south of Sicily, east of Tunisia and north of Lybia. The location of […]

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We are a premier website that includes the finest offers for holidays, hotels, flights, jobs, tours and information for things to do in our beautiful country of Malta. Our main goal is to assist you in visiting Malta to experience the Mediterranean Sea and its awesome beaches with 300 days sunsets. Malta has 5-star hotels […]

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Awesome 5 Beaches for Your Holidays in Malta

Being part of the Mediterranean treasure, the holidays in Malta have to offer good sunny days spent on Malta’s beaches. Being a small country consisted of three islands, finding a beach won’t be a problem. But which are the beaches considered as the best ones, offering nice view, clear waters, soft sand and place for […]

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Top 5 Churches for Holidays to Malta

Get yourself a half decent viewpoint in Malta or Gozo and you will most certainly be able to spot more churches than you can count on the fingers of both hands. Religion is part and parcel of Malta’s rich history and has probably continued to play more of an active role locally than anywhere else in […]


I Spent My Holidays In Malta – A Tourist’s Point of View

When I was first offered the opportunity to travel to Malta for a holiday, I had a couple of immediate associations, neither of them saturated with the spirit of vacation. One was The Maltese Falcon, the quintessential film noir, in which Humphrey Bogart is betrayed by Mary Astor, and accompanied in betrayal by Peter Lorre […]


10 Reasons Why Malta Is The Best Choice for Your Holiday

The Maltese & Hospitality The Maltese are renowned for their hospitality, friendliness and generosity. The people are traditionally kind-hearted and will go out of their way to make guests feel at home. The majority of people are very accommodating, and are very willing to lend a helping hand, should you need directions or require assistance of […]

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Top 10 Cities Places at Middle of Mediterranean Sea

Visit the most beautiful and historical cities for holidays in Malta If you are on a holiday in Malta don’t forget to visit these top 10 cities in Malta! Put on your walking shoes and discover the all the historical places of Valletta, the narrow and beautiful streets of Mdina and the colorful fishing boats in […]